Government Projects: Federal, State, City

The government has made huge strides when it comes to sustainability recognition and protection.  The consensus across all government offices is that sustainability is important and that it needs to be incorporated in the projects.   For many years Globe Certification was the go-to third-party certification body.  Now it is using LEED certification more and more, but what many of the departments are doing are incorporating sustainability requirements that mirror the LEED certification.   On projects that LEED certification is required it is a fairly straight forward management of the requirements and then certification.   On projects that are being headed by the departments that only require sustainability compliance are much more tricky.  These projects require a lot more handling since there will be no third-party review.     KR has handled many government projects that have required either LEED certification or Sustainability compliance.   Many of these projects have been military bases which have a completely different set of documentation, on top of the standard.